About Us

Mintt is an Australian technology company dedicated to delivering the most affordable smartphones and lifestyle devices for everyone.

Understanding that Australians love technology, Mintt has created an outstanding range of smartphones with the most advanced features, quality sleek styling, at an awesome affordable price.
There is no compromise.
We’re focussed on delivering extraordinary devices that are great value for money.

We believe everyone should have the right to choose the way they connect and that it should be easy and affordable.
It’s all about freedom that comes with owning a quality Mintt smartphone, so you can save more on technology and enjoy life.

We are proud of our growing smartphone fan base overseas in regions including the South Pacific and South East Asia.
Known for outstanding quality, affordable pricing and outstanding customer service, we are on a journey to continue creating extraordinary technology that is possible for everyone to enjoy the good life.


All Mintt smartphones have the required RCM certification, are registered with ACMA and are fully compliant with all ACMA requirements for use in Australia.