Building the Mintt Brand

Author: Murdo McRae  


Mintt is awesome.

The brand and it’s identity is based around the key idea of being able to enjoy technology.

Since it began, the Mint brand has been brought to life by technology being in the hands of users in all kinds of different places, and in all kinds of ways.

At work, at home, at play.  For the young and not-so-young.

Mintt is designed for everyone, so the graphic hand symbol that is part of Mintt represents all those hands.

It’s why Mintt followers readily exchange what is known as the Mintt hand symbol.   It brings our idea of awesome technology to life.

Since Mintt began the energy that drives us to create extraordinary technology has been reflected in the way the brand communicates.

Technology is extremely personal and important.

Everyone at Mintt understands that.

The devices we bring into people’s lives create opportunities to connect people and endless possibilities.

It’s why Mintt chooses and supports a range of sport, health, education, music, culture and lifestyle events and causes internationally.

It’s all about positively contributing so that everyone can enjoy the good life.

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